Patch 3.2 Impressions Thus far… this Casual’s thoughts and musings

Mage stuff:  Ok Living Bomb’s changes are a lot of fun.  If your tanks can hold threat, you can LB several mobs and once and they just tick down and cause some good damage across the board.  Very fun in the new 5-man instance where you fight groups of 3.  Just gotta cast it on each, scorch em up, and then Pop! Pop! Pop!  and the area damage is still going,  so basically get splash damage on all of em.

Which brings me to the new 5-man Instance:  Trial of the Crusader

Well what else can be said… it is a Loot Pinata.  I have run it now 3 times both heroic and normal modes… It is quick and fairly easy.  It is a nice touch with the added quests they put in when it comes to the Black Knight.  Personally, I do hope to see it get harder with the 10 and 25 man modes.  I haven’t had a chance to do those yet.  There is a good bit of flavor that goes with the 5 man though.  They set the tone by having the characters get announced and periodically you will see “the contingent from Silvermoon cheers for Kaneka” while you are waiting for a phase to start.  The loot tables for the drops are pretty impressive as  well.  I know many people are QQ’ing about it because they feel it is overboard.  Personally, as a casual who has yet to be able to arrange enough time to get into Ulduar (just finally cleared Naxx completely for the first time last friday)… it works for me!  I got a nice set of boots and enough emblems to trade in to finally ditch my cloak for a better piece.

My take on the Jewelcrafting additions…

I LOVE the new recipes. I got my stockpile of Titanium prospected and picked up a couple of new designs from Timothy Jones.  Got myself regemmed to an extent.  With my additions, I am at over 1840 bonus damage.  Not bad for a mage who hasn’t touched Ulduar.  🙂

Note to self:  Start researching what I need to do to gear myself for surviving some PVP.  right now I pretty much get squished!

coming soon… kaneka’s pvp and mount adventures!!!


~ by gramstead on August 10, 2009.

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