10 Ways to be a Better Player….

Everyone has experienced it… Rude people in game. I have on many occasions dealt with rude people. For those who would like to know, here are some of my “common courtesy” things you can do to spread a bit of etiquette in game.

  1. Stay away from Barrens Chat channel. Let’s face it, I don’t care what Chuck Norris and your mom did last night! This chat channel will cause your brain to ooze out of your ear!
  2. When a Mage kindly answers your request for a portal, please take into account not only the cost of the reagent, but also the travel time when tipping! I know of many Mages that will port out of daily quests to help someone out in an Different Zone only to be tipped 15 silver.
  3. When you are a tank in a party/raid, thank your healer… respect them!  They are the ones that keep you alive!
  4. If the floor looks funny, Move!!! That means staying out of poison clouds, death circles, ooze, or anything else that could harm you.
  5. I have heard this on many occasions… YOU CAN’T HEAL THROUGH STUPID!!!
  6. No matter how good your DPS is, See Item 4.  After all, when you are dead you do ZERO DPS!
  7. Even if someone says they aren’t charging a fee for something (disenchant, enchant, or whatever) offer them some money as a ‘thank you’ for their time.  I am sure you would want them to do the same.
  8. When in a raid, Mages kinda become vending machines for food and such.  Give them a thanks now and then.  I have spent many starts thinking I should have a Culligan shirt on.
  9. If you are running through a lowbie area drop some buffs around.  Every bit helps when building up a lowbie toon.  Even the most L33T player can benefit from a buff early on.
  10. This may seem like a “well duh” point, but just treat others as you would like to be treated yourself!

Well there you have it… Kaneka’s 1o ways to have a little good etiquette in WoW.  If you have some items to add Please use the Comments Link Below!!


~ by gramstead on August 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “10 Ways to be a Better Player….”

  1. One of my all time favorite posts.

  2. don’t forget the tanks 🙂 There are so few of tanks and healers that now and then a person will log over to their other char to help you out, you should thank them and also tell them when they did a good job they may help you more often! (speaking from experience I am a tank and a healer)

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