Cataclysmic Predictions from a Casual

The Blizzcon hype is over… Players are slowly coming down off their Mountain Dew fueled highs hearing about details from the new expansion to go back into the grind… I am left with a sense of excitement both about Icecrown and the changes to old world that Deathwing will bring.  All the other blogs have pretty much posted the news so there is no need for me to reiterate it here…  Makes my job easier since I can just sit back and predict.

Well there are 2 more events left before we can even think about Cataclysm right?  My guess is the time line will be something like this:

November 2009: Patch 3.2 Onyxia’s grand return!  (to coenside with the 5 year anniversary of the launch of WoW) don’t forget your Broodling!  It attempts to do deep breath… and it is supposed to be really cute!

January (or Feb, if running long on Development) 2010: Patch 3.3 will drop.  That’s Right!!! ICECROWN BABY! Multiple 5-man instances, a multi-wing Raid, complete with Air ship combat!  It will be an epic battle!  I did see one panel transcript where the developer said “when you DEFEAT Arthas…”, this wording makes me think he will not die in this encounter.  He is too big of a character (not that Illidan wasn’t) in the Warcraft Universe.  I have a feeling we could see more of either Arthas or the Lich King in the future… I think we may see a divide happen with this charater.  Don’t ask me why… just goin with my gut on it.

July (or early Summer) 2010: Beta will open for Cataclysm.   The footage I saw off the web (starting zones being somewhat playable, actual video of dungeon content (not just concept art) the fact that the Devs said they had started work on this new expansion pack before WOTLK launched…  I think they are a lot further on this than they have let us know.  I also heard that on one of the panels someone slipped and said “2 releases in 2010…” and we know that Starcraft II should be going to beta any time since they talked about pushing it’s release from this fall to 2010.

September/October: In game Pre-Launch Cataclysm events… maybe some odd “geysers” or something start cracking through the surface and you have to check em out… or maybe some event that will get people’s attention.  Fissures start to appear in the Barrens and Mulgore for instance…

October/November 2010: Azeroth will suffer the Cataclysm!!!  I hope I am wrong and it comes sooner, but once again, figure 2-3 months for Beta then the launch window would just about fit if my guesses are right.

One thing to note is during the Trailer released at Blizzcon, the narrator says that this Cataclysm occurs while we are busy fighting the Lich King.  It is possible for it to occur sooner, and if that is the case, I think it would be awesome!  I just wanted to put some speculation out there just based on previous patterns I have noticed from Blizzard.


~ by gramstead on August 25, 2009.

One Response to “Cataclysmic Predictions from a Casual”

  1. Cant wait for icecrown! And i want that whelpling!

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