How’d you do that???

I have been asked by a few people how I got my wonderful wife, Nytefyre into WoW.  Well it is actually kinda funny how it happened….

I started wow about 4 years ago, and she was complaining that all I played was the game.  She never showed much interest in it and for a while it was a real struggle for me to find that balance.

I had those nights of “just one more quest then bed…” (3 hours pass); and that made her upset on more than one occasion.  Her brother was an avid gamer and I was afraid she thought I would be that hooked.  It also was on her radar because she had written a paper for school about MMO Addiction.    The cases she cited were pretty heavy and I knew I would never hit that level to turn my back on her or our Hordeling.  She did have rpg’s and card games in her past and that came into play next.

I was into everything WoW, I read the novels, surfed the sites, and I wanted to get into the card game.  So, when it launched I talked Nyte into getting a starter as well and we played nightly for a couple of weeks.  Then we went to visit her brother Rottenal.  He just so happened to be going after the brood mother herself… Onyxia!! Nyte really enjoyed the concept and soon after, we actually set her up with a trial acct and she got into it… Nytefyre was born.

We got BC on opening day, and Wrath after that… when she was home prepping for our new arrival, she played when she felt up to it.  If I remember right she actually beat me to the level cap in BC.  She was really enjoying her shadow priest.

I had a friend ask me what I did to make it all happen, truth is, Nyte enjoys it.  She now has Truulo on an RP server, and we both work together with our bobsie twins (2 pallies we play only as a team to level together).  I am fortunate to not only have her in my life, but also to have a spouse who enjoys this game.  It is a big part of my life… I think for anyone who plays every evening (or close).  Whether you want to admit it or not, the game becomes part of your life.    The balance is there, we are a busy family, so raids are kinda few and far between (with stuff like scouts, soccer practice, and other commitments involved time is very short); we mainly just fit time in when we can.  (Usually after the Hordelings are in bed)  Our oldest has started a warrior, and our little one… well she may or may not play.  We will see.  Either way, the real point is to make sure that you have fun and don’t sacrifice real life for a virtual one.  It can be a tricky balance for some, but the rewards are even more important and useful.


~ by gramstead on September 28, 2009.

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