2 kids, a beta, and a new release…OH MY!

You do the math…. 2 kids, wonderful wife, full time job, and accepted in into the Cataclysm beta, and Starcraft 2 is out (squee!!).   My time for gaming is pretty much limited to when the kids are in bed and on weekends when they are sleeping.  So here is my catch-up post to get back in the swing of doing this again! I will try to skip most of the stuff that everyone says and just provide my humble thoughts.

I was very fortunate to win the raffle that is the first week in the Cataclysm beta.  I decided to try all the flavors of it I could.

The Gothic and the Lycaon (The Worgen Starting zone)

I started by rolling a Worgen.   They “style” of Gilneas is very victorian gothic in feel.  The zone is very dark.    I think overall the starting experience works well for this race; I never got to see how I was “infected.”  I just all of a sudden was a Worgen.   I am hoping Blizz is going to put a cinematic in or something because it does feel very sudden.

The high point of the area for me was completing a quest involving working on pushing back the forsaken, and the world shook.  I left the cellar to find the world broken… like the farmland I was just fighting the forsaken on was gone… that was when the rescue effort began.  I am trying not to give any massive spoilers, but it was awesome!  You do get an ability that is called Two Forms that allows you to shift from human to Worgen form once reach  your Worgen form.  The other way to do it is with the “\transform” command.  The visuals of the transformation are ok going from Worgen to human, but they are much more dramatic going from human to Worgen.  The quest lines do lead to looking for the scythe of Elune.  I will leave it at that for the time being.

GTA Kazan (aka Goblin starter zone…)

Goblins of course are the penny pincher’s of the Warcraft Universe… they are the ones who live for money and have set up cartels to help them hold their individual power structures in place.  You actually start out as kind of a thug.  You get to go clear out some mines, keep the workers in line, and even gather soda (for your own party).  For me, the high point was getting the roadster and picking up your friends.  From that point on, it got fun… I actually spent an hour running around running over pedestrians.   It is very easy to get caught up in this part of the game, but of course, there is always work to be done.  Handling party guests and playing a shredder version of football was cool.  Unfortunately the game leads to the um… chain reaction that causes the island to explode.

This was a starting experience I really kinda wanted to go longer.  On the Lost Isles, the constant cody continued.  From bomb throwing chimps to sharks with FRICKEN LASERS, you just can’t go wrong.


~ by gramstead on July 28, 2010.

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