Flashback to times gone by… there’s just too many of ’em!!!!

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Well patch 3.2 went live yesterday!  I am very excited about the patch, but I was very concerned about the issues that always seem to follow when they launch large content patches.

Here is a time line of my experience Tuesday after work:

3:50pm :  Patch was loaded properly via background downloader.  I attempt to log in… it stalls on the “retrieving character” screen.  I check Windows Task Manager, system didn’t lock, just waiting on blizz I guess…

4:05pm :  finally my toons come up and I select Kaneka…  Zone Loading screen for Org comes up once again the progress bar is full but it isn’t loading.  I check task manager, and it once again shows that nothing has stalled out.  I decide to get a soda and check in a minute.

4:15pm :  I finally zone in and all I see are shadows where people or objects are standing.  Kinda reminds me of when you first zone into Dalaran (those first few seconds while textures tend to load and stuff).  I wait to see if everything comes up…

4:20pm :  No joy on the other objects… after 5 minutes of waiting, I port to stonard and still no go.  I decide to relog again.

4:30pm :  relogged into the game and this time things look more seamless… NPC’s are actually there and I can actually interact!  I port to Dalaran to see if I can turn in the quest I received in my mail, and to start getting some of the new epic recipes!

I arrive in Dalaran and head over to see Timothy Jones… and I find this:


I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of toons that occupied that small jewelcrafting shop.  I couldn’t see the NPC’s or even the marks above them.  I tried all sorts of tricks like zooming in and swiveling my cam around.  The crowds reminded me of the crazy shopping days right after Thanksgiving we used to have at CompUSA.  People were \say and \yelling stuff all over the place.


Unlimited Cosmic Power!!!!!

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I just have to wonder how much fun it must be for the people at Blizzard.  I mean, think about it….  yes they bust their asses thinking and creating content that they knowing full well that they cannot please all players as well as accepting that changes they make to enable more players to access content will cause other “rabid” players to outcry with such force that it can inspire a new level of swearing.  If you don’t believe me, check out any blog/forum threads about the new badge system and see the QQ happening.  But I digress…

The power the people at blizz must feel knowing that literally anything they put out there (in forum posts, update patches, or otherwise) will be picked a part and speculated on to such a crazy level.  The newest case and point is the Halloween Masks that MMO Champion data-mined from the latest PTR.  And before I go on, I know that the Draenai were discovered this way before BC came out…  but unless they create a new Faction (like “monsters” from the Mini’s game), I can’t see them adding any of the masks to the current system of playable characters.  I know a lot of people want to see Murlocs, Worgen, Goblins, or even Ogres as playable… I just am not sure how it would fit.

In my opinion, they are just adding the masks to make the Hallow’s End event a bit fresher. Before, the masks were all playable races, that most likely isn’t the case anymore.  I just can see Blizz having meetings about throwing out red herrings to see who bites in the feeding frenzy that is Pre-Blizzcon speculation.  I am not sure what other playable races I would like to see.  I am looking forward to finding out.  I remember the whole Intro Page mayhem of speculation they did last year before WWI… and that led to the announcement and site opening for Diablo 3 (which I can’t wait for that or SC2 as well!!).  Frankly the amount of buzz and speculation for that week leading up was incredible.  Who ever came up with that idea must have received a promotion!  lol  I just think of how much fun it must be to put some tidbit of info (skin, tooltip, or in this case a mask) and watch the masses just go crazy on it.  I am thinking they probably have a position like “Director of MisInformation”…  whose whole function is to come up with ways to steer the data-miners off the scent of the facts.  Now, I want to make clear, I am a big fan of blizzard, and I appreciate the data-miners… they give us a heads up on what is (or could be) coming.  But I get a lot of humor seeing how upset some people get (even saying they will quit if XYZ happens…).

I am hoping to get BlizzCon for the DirectTV streaming if cost permits (that murloc marine is awesome!), but either way, I think BlizzCon will Rock.  Especially if something happens like Ozzy sings “I AM MURLOC” with L80ETC!!!  lol

The great Debate: New badges

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So the PTR of course is all the buzz on the WoW blogs and news sites.  It is interesting seeing how people are reacting to everything… from the new instance to the new epic gems.  And now the big buzz from the angry bees is the changes with the badge system.  Not only were the badges changed by adding a new type (Badge of Triumph), but they made it easier for players to earn all of the higher level badges.  This has the hardcore players really pissed.

Frankly, I have always been on the low side of most of the gear curve just because I don’t have time to raid as much and I personally do think it is ok.  Gear shouldn’t be the end all/be all for determining  a player’s viability.  I could have 4k fricken spell power and still suck.  So what if you damage well, if you die you are still dead!  But of course, there is a level of vanity that will be playing out as well.  There are many players that worked very hard to get thier gear, and they should be proud of it.  Does the fact that they earned their loot the hard way make them more special than those who got it “easy mode”?  I am not sure.  Personally, I don’t flash achievements around.  I am generally a low key player, but some people may have a void in their sould and want to be snowflakes about it.  Face it, things change… you change with em or get the hell out of the way….

The hardcore players will always have a leg up on others because they really know thier class… if you can outplay someone it doesn’t matter what armor you have on.  Who gives a shit if you have the highest tier… oh wait… they are pretty!  lol The point is, Player Skill will always out win out.  So what if a noob gets gear on easy mode… I know I will just because I don’t have the time to be able to run Ulduar all the time.  I am looking forward to getting some badges together and getting some new gear.  I am not a noob, but I am not hardcore… I love raiding when I have the chance and I am fortunate that my guild pulls me in when I am available.  (albeit that isn’t very often, I usually crank out dailies and that is about it) 

What are your thoughts?  Will the new badges diminish the achievements of the hardcore players just because they went “hard mode” to get it and some don’t have to anymore?

Let the Crying begin

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And so with the PTR up and running so are the forums… I try to stay away from PTRs because I prefer the get the Ooooh Ahhh factor from seeing it live (as long as my server doesn’t die in the implementation).  Anyway, with the PTR came the collective screams from DK’s everywhere as the nerfbat hits them squarely in the nuts.  Mages, however, came out of it pretty much unchanged.  There are some minor changes to a couple of abilities, but I won’t discuss them now.  I will wait till we are closer to launch. 

Nytefyre and I saw this weekend as pretty busy, not only has our youngest dinged Level 1, but the Midsummer Fire Festival is here!  I am not sure if I will be able to achieve the completion for the title, but I am going to try!  Nytefyre has never been an achievement whore, so I was rather shocked when she said she wanted to team up to attempt completing this holiday’s events for the title.  The odd thing is, I am kinda “blah” about all of this bc of the Childeren’s Week PvP disaster.  If you aren’t sure what I am referring, look up “school of hard knocks” on WoWwikki.

On another note, I personally believe that Ignis (in Ulduar of course) loves putting me in his slag pot.  In one attempt last night, I was in that pot 5 times…  Makes it kinda hard to shatter the brittle adds in the water when I am trapped in his Hot Pot.

Well here we go!

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Well I figured I should spend my first post kinda explaining what I am doin here!  My main is a Blood Elf Mage named Kaneka, I wanted to use this blog to give my thoughts and opinions on happenings both in the game and with a few of my favorite sites relating to the game.  I am not an expert, but I am a casual gamer so I am going to approach this realistically given my situations.  I am married to a wonderful undead shadow priest named Nytefyre, and have 2 amazing little hordelings so my game time is fairly limited.  I know I am not the only one with this kind of situation so hopefully some of my posts may bring on responses and/or debates.  🙂  FOR THE HORDE!!!